The Evolution

Sometime in October 2012 a dream was born. An idea that posting a few rambling rural themed ‘articles’ on the internet would garner enough online support and subsequent traffic that Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Pornhub would feel compelled to buy my site and allow me to retire to a lifetime of helicopter lessons and Monopoly. Of course that didn’t happen.


Pornhub were within a whisker of selecting Worrying My Sheep as the main driver of new web traffic but at the last minute chose Fake Taxi. Apparently.

Undeterred I tried again almost exactly a year ago today. With the launch of ‘Lunatic Soop’ I (and my co-editor in Oz, Phil Eggleton) tried to re-invent the beer review blog. It didn’t work either to be honest. On further research it seemed the ‘worrying my Sheep’ reader didn’t really care about beer that much and the traditional beer consumer didnt really ‘get’ the style of the beer reviews.

lunatic soop

Not my Lunatic Soop. Probably a compelling read all the same but no mention of rural high jinks or craft beer majesty.

So, what should the next logical step be? probably shut the lot down and leave blogging to people who have a vague understanding of their target audience and a plan to grow said audience. That is the sensible next step.

I am not sensible.

So instead I am merging ‘Worrying my Sheep’ and ‘Lunatic Soop’. Beer reviews and indeed venue reviews will sit in a category on the newly created domain – and a host of magically talented writers, photographers and dreamers will fill the other parts of the site with pure genius. Eventually Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Pornhub will be force to buy the domain and the dream will be realised. Sadly the helicopter lessons might have to be sacrificed due to colour blindness but whatevs innit.

Wreckage of Mike Smith's Helicopter in which he and Girlfriend Sarah Greene Crashed - Sep 1988

Helicopter driving is tricky. Probz best I leave it alone what with the colour blindness tbh.

Read the now dual blog, make suggestions, leave feedback, ask requests and most of all ask your friends, lovers and neighbours to visit with unprecedented frequency to ensure the dream comes true more quickly.


Readers beating down the virtual door of Worrying My Sheep server bank. It isn’t just a blog its a way of life.



Couple of the year 

Love stories don’t just happen. Sometimes they can come right out of the blue and strike everyone dumb. 

Last years winners were @cantsey and @blumphy. A rarer couple you couldn’t find. Blumph with his charming nature and Cants with his/her acid tongue and seemingly waspy nature. 

This year, if anyone can be arsed to vote – I’m losing the will to write this shit tbqfhwy, I expect them to be challenged by @bunnylodge and @alanatsmith16 among others. 


look at his ‘love glow’

So get your nominations in today (yesterday if you live in Australia, I’ll never tire of that piss poor joke either) and let the best non gender specific couple win!!